Make this Ramadan last forever with a change that doesn't disappear as soon as Ramadan does.

We'll Look at How to Take Advantage of Ramadan to:

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Help us equip Muslim parents and communities with the knowledge, tools, and mentoring to guide our children to their own unshakable realization that Islam is true 

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“Many of the guys I work with converted to Islam in prison. The activities we do in the course gets the guys engaged in a way that other courses I’ve taught have struggled to do. 

 I’ve heard so many prisoners say it helped their self-esteem and confidence in presenting Islam to the people around them, including their family and other inmates.”

The difference I find in the way Basira teaches Why Islam is True, compared to other programs, is that it encourages students to draw up their own conclusions.   Whereas other programs just focused on regurgitating answers.  

So i find that students are no longer confused and they no longer get caught in the moment or stuck at any problem they come across”

“The course was unbelievably engaging, I don’t think I’ve ever taken a course where I couldn’t put it down.  I just couldn’t stop, the content was made in accessible bite size chunks and the assessments were very non-threatening.  

In fact I had a conversation with my kids, they’re 9 and 11 years old.  They've been asking me questions, and the chapters are laid out in the same order that my children are asking them in.  I just don’t think the course could be put in any better way.


Prison Chaplain


Islamic School Teacher

Rubaid Khan 

Parent & Youth Halaqa Teacher

We often hear about the thousands of people in the United States who convert to Islam every day. But we don’t hear that a large percentage of those converts end up leaving Islam. It’s not just converts.

25% of born-Muslims who are raised in the United States also leave Islam

It’s not just in the United States or Canada or other Western countries

Young Muslims are also leaving Islam in Muslim countries

We are on the frontlines addressing this crisis


What are we doing to address this crisis?

We are training parents, religious scholars, imams, prison chaplains, convert care centers, halaqa leaders, schoolteachers, Sunday school teachers  – everyone who is in a position of teaching our children – how to proactively prevent our next generations from leaving Islam.

We are doing this by empowering parents and teachers with the powerful (yet simple) arguments that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) himself used. 

We are achieving this by equipping people with logical arguments that:

  • Are in the Quran, but people don’t realize it.
  • Were used by the Prophet ﷺ  to convicne people that Islam is True.
  • Are so simple a that a child can understand them, but are so powerful a PHD cannot refute.
  • Were taught by our scholars for over a thousand years.
  • Are no longer being taught today

We are reviving these arguments in the public sphere

And as we do that, we are transforming families and religious spaces. 

The listen-and-obey educational models they use are making the problem worse.

We are transforming that by creating environments where children are encouraged to question, to think for themselves, and to come to their own conviction that Islam is true.

We successfully provide free and affordable on-the-ground trainings and a global digital mentoring and training platform to many, but we have barely scratched the surface of the people who  desperately need our help.

The vast majority of our student fees are covered by scholarships, and the demand is overwhelming. Muslim Parents, Youth, and Communities are asking for guidance and need our help.

In order to scale this solution and protect the Umma, we need your support

29-Day Ramadan Forever Challenge 

Join us FREE to make a change that stays with you after Ramadan.

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Every day, I will teach a live 30-min Zoom

(If you can’t make it live, that’s OK – recordings will also be available for everyone.)

Each topic will 

1. Begin with an inspirational message from Allah and His messenger. 

2. Include a three-point action plan on how to use that message to make a change in Ramadan that lasts forever. 

3. Include a daily short live Q&A so you can ask your questions live.

  • Feel your Quran recitation, not just hear it,
  • Make du’a in a way that brings your heart peace,
  • Achieve a state of tawakkul and slavehood that stops your anxiety or anger
  • Bond with your family in a way that makes them bond with you,
  • Forget what depression is and how it felt,
  • Deal with suffering or stress so that it pulls you up instead of dragging you down,
  • Inspire your children so that they inspire you,
  • Improve your productivity and experience baraka in your time,
  • Find Allah as you search for laylat al-qadr
  • and more...

29 Days - 29 Live Lessons- 29 Action Plans

But one Change that Lasts Forever - Insha'Allah

29 Days - 29 Lessons - 29 Action Plans

and one Change that Last's Forever - Insha'Allah

(Recordings will also be available if you miss the live lessons or started late, no problem)

29-Day Ramadan Forever Challenge 

Join us FREE to make a change that stays with you after Ramadan.

Enter your details

(Recordings will also be available if you miss the live lessons)

FREE 29-Day Ramadan Forever Challenge

My name is Hamza Karamali founder of Basira Education and Why Islam is True, and I would like to invite you to this Ramadan Forever Challenge.

Assalaamu alaykum!

My name is Hamza Karamali. I am the founder and creator of Why Islam is True. I've studied the Islamic sciences with traditional scholars for over 20 years, taught hundreds of courses online, and designed, managed, and participated in interdisciplinary research projects with philosophers and scientists.

I specialize in arguments for the existence of God and work with many parents whose children have left Islam. I've taught thousands of students and I work with Muslim students and schools to develop courses and curricula to protect Muslims from losing their deen or developing damaging doubts.  

We have successfully trained over 500 teachers across 21 countries world wide, Why Islam is True.  Our mission is to ignite a global movement.  We guide parents and their children in the rational arguments of Islam to shield them from damaging doubts and empower them to be confident muslims who can prove their faith to anyone they meet.  

We have successfully trained imams, scholars, Prison and university Chaplains, Muslim youth workers, Islamic school teachers, Muslim home-schooling co-ops, parents and more.

Who am I?

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Gain knowledge and support with 87 recorded lessons, live drop-in classes for extra support, 67 assessed practical activities, and a 24/7 Q&A Forum at your disposal.

Parent-Child Conversation Blueprint

Our Parent Toolkit enables parents to easily and successfully teach children from 7-14 years old with two different levels, featuring comic strips, children's stories, conversation blueprints, internet articles, and full support.

Global Digital Training & Mentoring Platform

Our solution reaches every corner of the earth through cutting-edge online training, offering both on-demand recorded videos and live personalized support.

(Recordings will also be available if you miss the live lessons or started late, no problem you can still join)